Sunday, April 1, 2012


One of the best things Ive ever done is start this vacation early. Wow! Usually going on vacation is crazy! But Ive been getting ready since Friday. Today as we listened to conference we washed every last bit of laundry and as we put it away I would pack. Now I have 3 little suitcases lined up by the door ready. I have to spray John and my clothes tomorrow and then pack them up. Feels so good to not be doing it last minute!

A while ago I tried to add a Craft closet to our room. It was just a little armoire that I filled with all my craft stuff. It made our room cramped and impossible to keep clean. So yesterday I moved all of that to the garage and we rearranged our room back to its previous state! What a difference. I think we will be able to keep it clean again!

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and getting my hips adjusted with a little more packing. Tuesday I'm getting a pedicure. This really is a vacation! Ive learned my lesson. Always give yourself "vacation: before vacation!

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Abbie said...

Who knew? A vacation before the vacation. I love the idea! I am always running around like a headless chicken getting ready for a long vacation. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Have so much fun!