Friday, April 27, 2012

Philippines Day 9 - Lapu Lapu

We woke up on Sunday and got ready for Church and then took a walk to the beach and ended up chilling in the hammocks again, it had the best view!

One of the hotel employees was the Stake Relief Society President and John knew her and her son when he was here. He was without a missionary companion for a week due to Visa issues and her son filled in as Johns companion. She was nice enough to leave word that she would take us to church, which was a good thing because John didn't remember how to get there.

The ward members were so great and John still knew a lot of people! Its amazing how we can be on the other side of the world and feel so at home with people! I love how church brings us together and makes our differences, even the language barrier, seem to disappear.

We had some lunch after church and John had the BEST mango shake hes ever had. He had to get a second one.

Riding a trike with our second mango shake.

We took a taxi out to Minglanilla, one of his areas, that was about 45 minutes away. We were trying to find a few people that he had not been able to get a hold of by letter. It had a really weird feel to it, we just felt really uneasy. We still found people who were kind and helpful though. I did stop a basketball game mid-play and the players just stood there gawking at us :) 

We headed out to a really remote village next and he asked me if I was ready to really "stir things up." Sure enough the minute we hit the village people started pouring out to see us. The kids especially were taken with me. John was talking to the adults so I started trying to communicate with the kids. At first there were about 6 of them. As we walked around more started gathering and all of them just continued to follow. me. When I pulled the camera out they were so excited! Here is the last picture I took....can you find Lisa?

Our last night for Lechon Minok. The rice comes in the little woven palm leaves. The little green things are the calamansi.

SO YUMMY! Even though we were having the best time, we were getting homesick for our boys and were ready to be packing up to go home the next day!

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