Sunday, April 22, 2012

Philippines Day 4 - Moal Boal

Scuba Diving Day!

We got up early and went into town to withdraw cash and to shop for some food. Then we were back at 8:30 to catch our boat to Pescador Island. Its a little island that sits across from Moal Boal and is suppose to have amazing diving.

It did not disappoint. We took underwater cameras but mine had a leak so none of my pictures turned out :( We were down about 15 feet down so it was a little too dark for good pictures too with Johns camera.

It was just like swimming into the opening credits of Finding Nemo. It was spectacular. There were thousands of fish! We were down for about 35 minutes. We were hoping to do a second dive but John and I both got a little sick on the way up and since I was still just recovering from my cold the pressure had been hard on my ears. Since we heard Pescador was the best we didn't feel to bad about skipping the second dive.

On the way back to the hotel we decided to stop and inquire about a couples massage since there are massage places all over. We found one really nice lady and arranged for her and friend to come over and give us massages at 4:00. Back at the hotel we went snorkeling for a couple of hours, then it was massage time!

My massage was amazing! Johns...well he was abused for most of his. She was twisting him all up and pulling on his arms and legs. Poor kid. It was not relaxing at all for him!

Total cost (per person) for scuba diving and private couples massage in our hotel room - $56

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Abbie said...

I have had so much fun reading about your journey!