Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walk to defeat ALS 2011

It was such a great day! The park was gorgeous as was the weather! I can not begin to describe how touched I was to see so many different families who have all been effected by this horrible disease. It hits every race and every age but that Saturday we were all combined as one in our grief and resolve. A great example of this was when they called out all of the team names. One team was called "ALS sucks" and there was a collective laugh throughout the crowd. Not because it was particularly funny but because everyone there had a personal belief for how bad ALS truly is.

We did not hear our team name called and so at the very end they re-announced our team as "Last but not least - Sweet Caroline!" Then they said they wanted to hear it and we sang the chorus to Neil Diamonds Sweet Caroline. Then the  DJ played it for everyone. It was awesome and my Mom would have loved it.

Thank you to those of you who showed up to support us and for walking with us. Thank you to those who helped us raise money and donated so generouly. Between the two Sweet Caroline teams we raised almost $8000. What an accomplishment!

I wore your shoes for you Mommers. ALS may have taken your life but it never took your spirit.

Truly you defeated ALS!


Megan said...

That is amazing...

Debi said...

Fun Day! Sure your Mom enjoyed watching that WHOLE day.See you next year!