Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Davis' happiest day ever!

My Mom had a tradition where she would take each grandchild to Disneyland when they turned 5 years old. My Dad is carrying on the tradition and today was Davis' special day!

Grandpa stayed true to Grandma Caroline and allowed Davis all the treats his heart desired...

I'm told there was a Mickey Ice cream bar too!

His favorite things of the day were Toy Story Mania. It had the longest line - 50 min and they waited in it twice.

He also loved the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. They went twice and were in there for at least an hour each time. There was only one little moment that might have been a sore spot in the day....


One more video that just cracks me up. They pulled kids into the parade to do a line type of dance but Davis likes to bust his own moves!



Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Chase feel off that swing to but he didn't let go with his hands so he was just hanging there! I love the dancing too. He was rockin out :)

jakenapril said...

what a fun tradition! and it's so cute to see your dad and davis carrying on in grandma silly's footsteps. an exciting and fun-filled day indeed!