Sunday, October 9, 2011

The happenings

Its been a little quiet here on my blog lately for two reasons....
  • Over the Big Moon - I am loving the creative outlet this is for me.Since we are just starting out it takes time to market and get our name out there and also to fix the quirks on our site. Plus then there is the actual posting and projects. But I love it and I am having fun. Most of all I'm glad that a lot of the projects I think of doing are actually getting done.
  • The second reason is that I have been going into town a lot more than normal driving Erik and Sarah to interviews and to get applications.  I am happy to do it and love having them with us but I have less time at home each day. Happy news though Erik got a job! They also have their own transportation now too! They bought a sa-weet vintage car and so as soon as Sarah gets a valid drivers license she will be able to drive herself around. 2 documents needed down, 1 more to go!
All in all life is good here at our house. Very busy and I'm just trying to keep the chaos in order.
School, homework, soccer, soccer practice, preschool, work, callings, meetings, visits, mother helping, gardening, canning, plasma donating, creating, cooking, laundering, cleaning, organizing, shopping, chauffeuring, and most importantly loving.
Its my life and I love it in all of its imperfection. I wish my house was cleaner and I had time to keep everything in order. I wish I remembered things better and wasn't so forgetful and rushed all of the time. I wish I had more time to serve others and be a better friend. I wish I had time to exercise and to get ready in the morning and time to do my hair.

There will be a time for all of that. In 3 short years I will have an empty house everyday for 4 hours. In 4 years I will have 8 hours all alone each day.  I am pretty sure that the next few years are going to fly by! There will be time for a clean house and more "me" time but I'm enjoying each season as it comes. Right now my boys need me more than they need a clean blinds and baseboards....and I am so glad they need and want me! Baseboards and blinds can wait.

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