Monday, October 3, 2011

Skim boarding

We packed up lunch and our bathing suits and headed over to the Virgin River after soccer on Saturday to so some skim boarding.

John and Erik were definitely in their element!

Caleb had been once before with John but this was Davis' first time going.

Caleb was so good! I was impressed with how fearless he was and how natural it came for him.

I however am not a natural. I thought it would be good for me to at least give it a try. It doesn't look like its that hard right? Riiight. I made sure the camera was all packed away when I tried but this pic of John (minus the jump) should give you an idea of what I looked like....

Ummm yeah. I am not graceful when I fall either. Ouch! I did manage to stay upright twice and got a little cocky and fell hard again! That was enough "practice" for one day.

This really was an awesome family outing. Its relaxing and it was hot so the water felt good. I loved that Becks could run and play and we didn't have to restrain him because it was so shallow. Plus there is sand galore to dig and throw! He was a happy boy!

Davis wanted to show me his mad moves!

Sarah and Erik have been so fun to have with us! They are both so fun and so good with the boys. Its been nice for me to have someone to talk to during the daytime and they are really helpful which is so nice! We never got the chance to get to know Sarah very well as she was growing up, especially the last few years and its been great that we are getting that chance now. We had only met Erik once before they moved in and yet it feels like hes been part of the family for years. He is so great! Im so glad Sarah has found someone so fantastic and so perfect for her!  It really has been a blessing for us to have them be apart of our family for right now.

I love when we take the time to get out and play! Especially for this handsome guy!

He works so hard at work and at his calling and then comes home and is a great Dad and hubby. I love when he gets to get out and relax.

Those kind of smiles make me happy! We will definitely be back on the river again soon!


Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Fun! I've never tried so I'm sure I'd be falling a lot!

Abbie said...

HOW FUN! I have wanted to take a try at skimboarding, but never have. Although, now that I hear it's not as easy as it looks, I'm re-thinking that idea. I bet the boys (all of them) had a blast!!!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Looks like a blast!