Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Primary art

Caleb brought this paper home from Primary today. Allow me to give you the translation that came with it.

I thank thee for my family.
I ask thee for a sister ( sorry buddy - NOT happening)

I thank thee for my Lego man, airplane, CTR ring, light saber, Pokemon cards, Mommy. and Daddy
I ask thee for a car, my own scooter, and a skateboard for Mom


Robyn and Martha said...

So dang cute! Sister, huh?

Abbie said...

Oh Caleb...He is a funny one. Brielle is slightly older than him, but you can borrow her for a sister anytime!!!

Boons said...

That is cute! He really knows what's important!

The Ramsay's said...

hahaha! I can't wait for my boys to say/do funny stuff:)