Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am a Queen!

I am so happy with how our new blog has been going! We have been averaging about 400-600 hits a day. Yesterday we had 772 hits! I designed a 9/11 printable that Pam posted and 1,266 people have viewed that post! I'm having such a good time! Not only is it something I  enjoy but its reminding me to enjoy my kids! Not that I normally don't enjoy them but I am seeing them and my role through a different lens.

We have such great boys! I believe Becks is finally starting to get a little less crazy :-)

Really all I wanted to say today is how much I love my boys, John, and my little life. I love that I get to create everyday. I create food and decor but more importantly I create love and memories and the feeling in our home.

I am the Queen of my little kingdom! I love that through my hard work and patience I am creating the home I always dreamed of having.


Abbie said...

You are a queen, for sure! I sure do have a hard time enjoying my kids, it's a bit harder when they get older, haha.
The new blog is so fun, love it!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

You are awesome Lisa! I'm lucky to have you be a part of this blog with me! Thanks for being such a great example and friend to me!