Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall time brings SOCCER!

Soccer season started last week but we were gone so today was the boys first game. John and I switched it up this year. He is coaching Caleb and the Green Machines.

While I am coaching Davis and the Purple Flames!

What a difference a year makes! Caleb did great! It took him a little to get back into the groove but by the end he was really getting in there and going for the ball. He scored a goal and assisted on a couple of their other goals.

And then there was Davis....last year he was picking flowers, running in circles, and falling down on purpose. Today he scored a couple of minutes into the game and I was so happy. What a great way to boost his confidence! Two seconds later Davis cuts from he outside and dribbles the ball to about 5 feet from the goal, shoots, and scores again! He scored 4 goals today! Sarah caught his 4th goal on camera!

He was awesome! In fact he even went over to the other team to help them out since they were really short players.

As always we had our supportive cheering squad!

Okay so maybe it looked more like this,,,,

And even more like this!

We are so happy soccer season is here again!

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