Sunday, December 28, 2008

Growing up

Since Caleb turned 5 I thought it would be appropriate to have a more in depth talk with Caleb about which parts of our body are private, how we dont let people see them, good touching vs bad touching, good secrets vs bad secrets, and things we talk about with people and things we only talk about with Mommy and Daddy. It went really well and hes been trying to be better about things like running to the door to see who it is before pulling his pants up if hes in the bathroom. I just felt like it was time to give him some rules for if a situation ever did come up, he would be prepared.

I felt good about this talk and thats about as much info as I wanted to give him for right now, until he asked me "how is baby beckham going to come out Mommy? Through your mouth?" So... we had another little discussion and he handled that one well to. Im so grateful that he never asked how Beckham got into my tummy!

And last but not least last Sunday John went into the bathroom at church and Caleb was at a urinal with his pants at his ankles and his cute little buns showing so John told Caleb when he came home from church he would teach Caleb to pee "like a man." Johns words, not mine. So John taught him how to use his zipper and the flap on his undies. Well, the other day John and Caleb came home from riding in Daddys truck and John was getting a few things out of the truck and Caleb said "hey Dad look at me, IM A MAN!" and there he was peeing off our porch like a much for my keeping our private parts private talk!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Oh my gosh I literally laughed out loud with that one! Caleb is so funny! Love it!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

While you're fed up with being pregnant, look on the bright side that all the women in our lives don't have to give birth the way Caleb envisions. And love the 'man' comment. Now John just has to teach him the manly nod...that's what guys give eachother when they're doing their business at the urinal.