Sunday, April 7, 2013

Conference Camping

We had an amazing weekend. Come Thursday I was having a pretty rough time of it. Some personal things have been going in that have left me feeling very frustrated. I just needed some time away to be a fun Mom and wife. I needed to leave all of the things that cumber me when I am home behind for just a little while.

So we ran away to Red Cliffs to camp for two nights. It was wonderful and amazing and just what I needed. I can not believe that this is only 15 minutes from our house and we had never really been exploring up there! It was unbelievability beautiful!

Each day we would go hiking up into the canyon to see different things and explore different trails.

This tree was amazing! I have never seen a better climbing tree in all my life. My Mom would have loved it!

At the top of the trail there was a waterfall that if you wanted to get around you had to use a rope and kind of climb up over the rock. Thankfully John could take Beckham on his back and we could keep going up.

Once we got to the top there was a fun little pool and a tiny little natural water slide.

One of the things that I love about camping is it makes what you have enough. You need less, appreciate more and it grounds me to life and what is really needed to live and survive. I love that the boys have a little bucket of toys and it keeps them happy for days without any complaints! They made the most amazing creations and their imaginations were running wild! I never see it at home to the same degree as I do when they are out in nature with nothing else to do. Its so ironic that they are happier and more content with less. Then again, I am too.

We also made homemade ice cream and I think that will be a new camping tradition! It was so yummy and fun to do.

It was so yummy in fact that since we were so close to home we ran home mid Saturday to shower and grab more ingredients to do it again!

Conference was wonderful. I feel so renewed and felt like I found so many answers to the things I was looking for...and I was looking for a lot! Most of all I feel renewed. None of the answers are new - they are just relearned and clarified.

And conference would not be conference without a little of this from John...

 He is so cute! I am one lucky lady!


SLO Rober said...

what a beautiful place!

Rachelle said...

I loved this post! Mainly because you gave me the great inspiration to try to camp in Red Cliffs. Steve went up this morning and we got a spot! I am beyond excited to get away. Steve has been working this whole week, literally. We are in desperate need of family time. YEAH!!!

Michele Devlin said...

You have motivated me to go camping with my family, if only we had someplace to go that was as beautifully your spot! You are such a great family...