Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rockin' Walk-a-thon

We had the coral Canyon Walk a thon this last week and it was fun and a little emotional. I'm glad I had sunglasses on all day long to hide my tears!

The school board decided that our neighborhood needs to change schools next year because of the way numbers are lining up. One small problem...I am suppose to be the PTA President for the next two years!

Now I'm not so sad about having a little more time on my hands, a little relieved to be honest. What I am sad about is that I know everyone at the school and they know me. I have worked hard to make good relationships and lets be honest, it pays off for my kids.

I love my kids teachers! Seriously, they are amazing! Mrs Brunstad is sad too that she wont get to teach Beckham - like really sad. I love that my kids are a blessing to a teacher and teachers are hoping that they get my kids.

Beckham and his buddy Mrs Brunstad
Davis getting squirted by the PE teacher!
Our little helpers that worked all day long right with us Moms!
I know that next year will be fine. We will all be starting over in a sense. There are a lot of good things about the change. The biggest is that they will be in Hurricane! Right now they attend a Washington school and when they go to Intermediate school our school feeds 3 different Intermediate schools and it can be a hard transition for the kids from Coral Canyon. I am glad they will meet new friends and this transition will be a lot smoother and at an easier age.

Davis also wants to do the Chinese Immersion program so he will be in a half day of Chinese each day starting next year. That is not offered at Coral Canyon and I think it will be a huge blessing to him considering he is already 2 grades above level in math!

We will all miss Coral Canyon! Just the fact that I can say that is huge considering that the first couple years were a little rough with our raunchy Principle! Its been such a blessing and a ton of fun to be in PTA. Ive worked with some amazing people!

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SLO Rober said...

That's such a hard thing to do. We get so attached to our kids schools.