Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Calebs Hogwarts Letter

I had several reservations about having Caleb tested for the Gifted and Talented Program here in our school district. One reason is my own personal issues...Both Brian and Mark were gifted - I was just bright. So I kind of wrote myself off as the dummy of the family and never really applied myself in school. No ones fault but my own, that's just kind of my personality.

Caleb is the same way and so I was terrified that if he didn't qualify that he would just write himself off as the "dummy" of our family. I was not okay with that. I also don't have any intention of sending him to the Gifted and talented school. Its too far away and he is way to social that I don't think it would be best for him.

He has always done well in school, especially math. This year though he has pulled out well ahead of the majority of his class. He has a fantastic teacher and she said she really wanted him to be tested. So I agreed and he did awesome! You have to be a tier 3 in at least 1 subject and a tier 2 in another. And he did it!

He was so excited when he got his official invitation letter to the Gifted and Talented School. He said its like his Hogwarts letter!

So proud of him!

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SLO Rober said...

Yay Caleb! Crossing our fingers that you get sorted into Gryffindor ;)