Thursday, July 12, 2012

Son Day!


We had our second annual Son's Day this last weekend. The tradition started when we had just wrapped up Mothers Day and were getting geared up for Fathers Day. Caleb was all discouraged and said, "when is it going to be Son Day!" It just happened to be Sunday when he said that so we said - "Today is Sunday!" His face lit up and so we couldn't help ourselves, we spent the whole day spoiling our sons. It was a blast. We decided that we would do it each year because it made them feel so special and it also was a great reminder for John and I to recognize how much we love our boys and focus on how glad we are that they are our sons!

This year we started a little early since we had some gift cards to use, so on Saturday we took them bowling and then to see Brave.

Then on Sunday we made them homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast and Ramen noodles for lunch - their favorite! After church I had a little craft for them that I found at DI for 50 cents.

They got their favorite dinner that night. Each of them have a special cup, fork, and spoon they were given when they were born from my parents and we only let them use them on special occasions. They were so excited to get to use them! We also found some canning jars with handles at DI  on Saturday so we froze them for frosty mugs of sparkling cider.

Despite the fact it looks like we served them beer - I assure you it was sparkling cider!

On the menu: Alfredo, fruit salad, and bread sticks for dinner. Green salad was optional on Son Day.
We were lucky enough to have Aunt Stephenie, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Erik with us to celebrate and we each took a turn telling the boys something we love about them. We also had the boys each tell one thing they like about themselves and one thing they like about each of their brothers.

I think these kinds of traditions are really important at this stage in life. They love it so much and we have fun doing it. To be honest though, I do it more for later in life - like when they are 13, 15, and 17. The teenage years can be hard, but I think if we establish a great foundation now of love and caring that will mean a lot to them later in life when things can be more turbulent. Plus it would be hard to start this tradition later in life but once it is a routine it will be more natural later when I think they will need it even more! It didn't cost a lot of money, and it really wasn't that much work, but it really made them each feel special!

Overall I just want them to know how grateful I am to be their Mom. We are blessed with some great boys!  

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