Sunday, July 29, 2012

Primary Music

About a month ago I was released from the RS Presidency. It was a bittersweet day. But with John and I both in Presidencies for the last couple of years it got to be tough on our little family. So I got a new calling - one I NEVER thought I would want or get - I am the Primary Music Leader. It is a  lot of fun and I can tell in a couple of months I will love it! For right now it is super out of my comfort zone and nerve-wracking!

I don't really know how to lead music, I don't really have a great singing voice, and I cant read music at all! But I can play games and plan fun things and slowly I am not as terrified when I am up there. Today is my 5th week and we are having a cookie party today because the kids have worked so hard to learn the words to the program songs.

That is one thing that is important to me in this calling is to make sure the kiddos learn the words. The songs have such important messages and meaning and can be such a good tool later in life when choices get more complicated for them. That is how I think I will judge success for me as the chorister - the kids are having fun each week and enjoy singing time, and they learn the words and understand the messages.

It is certainly out of my comfort zone but I am getting really excited for our program! Its going to be really special!


Megan said...

You do awesome and your voice isn't bad either.

Mae said...

You'll do great. Kids don't know how to follow a music conductor anyway. I'm a sunbeams teacher and our music leader isn't the greatest. She knows how to read music and lead, but not how to teach (nor the words to the songs, incidentally, which drives me crazy). You do. (I can say that with authority having worked with you!) You know how to get kids attentions, make it fun, but teach them. I remember our primary music leader growing up was actually an amazing musician but she never used the official music leading with kids because she knew they didn't get it. As I said, you'll do great!