Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arches National Park

John had to go to Moab for some work, so we made it a weekend! He worked on Friday when we got there and the boys and I swam and watched a lot of cartoons, and swam more when Dad got back.

Then Saturday we spent the day in Arches. I figured we could do the 3 mile round trip hike with the boys to delicate arch but it wasn't easy!

We did it first so it would be cooler and then we were too tired to do anymore so we just drove around and looked.

One the way home we passed through Richfield and John had made a contact there that had apricot trees so we stopped to pick apricots. We stopped again in Cedar City for dinner and had a leisurely ride home. It was an awesome little trip with no DVD player! The boys actually did great. Sometimes I wonder if the DVD player on a trip makes things worse because they don't even try to play. This trip they had a ton of fun playing together in the back.

Since we have been back I have turned all the apricots into jam!

I don't like apricots but I loooove apricot jam!

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Abbie said...

Arches is one natl. park in Utah we haven't made it to. Your pics really make me excited to go there soon.