Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stair Spanking

We are in CA this week. Ive been going through my Moms closet and bathroom stuff. Its been full of all sorts of emotions and memories.

This morning I decided to take the boys on a true So Cal adventure to a special store that we don't have in St George (or at least that I have never seen). We went to a donut shop! Happy memories of my seminary days. My boys looooove donuts and so a whole store dedicated to donuts was sure to be a pleaser.

As we were going upstairs to get our shoes on I swatted Caleb on the bum and he protested loudly. I just cant help myself there is something about our stairs and bum swatting - especially if my brother Mark is anywhere around! I told Caleb that its just tough luck - if you don't want to get spanked you better run faster than me and especially Uncle Mark.

At this Davis exclaimed - "Uncle Marky! Uncle Marky! When I was at Uncle Marky's house he hit my bum when I goed up the stairs! But, but, he told me that it was their doggie! Really Mom, really!"

I laughed so hard! If anything sums up many of my memories of my brother Mark it might be that right there. Spanking my bum on the way up my stairs and him jokingly blaming things on something ridiculous. I'm so glad my boys wont miss out on that part of Uncle Marky. I wouldn't want us all to grow up too much!


Mark and/or Lisa said...

HAHA! BUSTED! That is classic. Old habits die hard I guess ;) And that kid's got a pretty good memory... hopefully he didn't repeat too much more!

jakenapril said...

ha ha!! i so remember you telling me about your brother mark and his stair spanking trait. how could i have forgotten? hilarious. i guess it's time to pass on a family 'tradition'?

Mae said...

What is up with stair spanking?! This happens in my family and I hate it. But I do it, too!!! Why?!?!