Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potty Training Progress

Becks is doing AWESOME with potty training. People say boys are harder than girls but I think it might be because they wait to long. He now goes all by himself without me having to ask him as long as he only has undies on. We put pants on him last night after he had gone all day without an accident and whoops!

He is also 0-2 on going number 2 but I expected that. For some reason that always takes a lot longer to catch onto - maybe its because there are less opportunities. Either way I am really proud of him and we have had a lot of fun the last few days! Our new favorite song (to the tune of the Tiki room) In the pee-pee pee-pee pee-pee pee-room pee-pee room, in the pee-pee pee-pee pee-pee pee-room pee-pee room...I will save you the rest of the song full of very creative and potty filled language :)

He has also rocked his big boy bed. Last night was the first night he got out of bed but he went right back to sleep. The night before I actually heard him get up for a minute right after Caleb had been up to go the bathroom. I heard Caleb help him back to bed and tuck him in and then they both went straight to bed.

Those kind of moments make my Mommy heart melt!


Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Chase and I love your new song!

Sarie said...

Loved catching up on your blog! Love your boys, they are SO adorable... and seriously, you are so good at St Patrick's Day! You put me to ShAME.

Love your Mama's jewelry, too..