Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool Caroline Trick

My Mom was the best organizer the world has ever known! No joke. She had a gift for finding easy ways to make things work better. She was so creative and ingenious! There are a lot of cool little tricks I learned from my Mom and I wanted to share them and remember they came from her.

Here is Cool Caroline Trick #1

If you are a Mom of boys like I am you probably own about a million Hot Wheels. Okay we don't have a million...we have 242. We counted them today. Inevitably someone has the same Hot Wheel which leads to fighting over whose Hot Wheel it really is. My Mom solved this problem with Nail Polish.

One little dot on the bottom and Voila! No fighting!

It does not come off and its super easy. Today I flipped all 242 of our Hot Wheels and put a nice purple dot over the old dots since before I had just grabbed any color of polish and they were all mismatched. All of our Hot Wheels are now officially purple. Do me a favor if you live close to us and mark your Hot Wheels please don't use Purple :)

I also used this trick on the boys Transformer Hot Wheels - Caleb's have a red dot and Davis' have a pink dot. Now there is no fighting between them over those cars. This could be used on trains, action figures, or anything else little that might be confusing or fought over!


Mae said...

Our My Little Ponies had a mark on the foot, too!

Abbie said...

I did this too, only on our Wii remotes. Works out perfectly when we take them with us to frinds houses so all the kids can play and we know immediately which ones are ours.