Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm thinking that I'm going to get rid of the Hyperphe blog now that our diet has opened up and just do a section on our regular cooking blog that is Hyperphe friendly. I'm so relieved that we can add in a little bit of protein, it makes such a difference in being able to cook! We just got 3 new Vegan cookbooks from our Grandpa and Grandma Henderson to help us out and they have some amazing looking recipes in them that I am excited to try!

I signed Caleb up for a free cooking class to try at a little cooking school here called "Little Chefs." He loved it! He has always wanted to help me in the kitchen but seriously he would not stop talking about it. We don't have the time or the money to sign him up for official cooking classes but he and I came up with the idea of Tuesday nights being, "Cooking with Caleb" night. He was so excited and said, "you could be my teacher right here at home and we could have all my friends come over and cook with us!" Apparently he thinks we are running a cooking school for the neighborhood! I do think it would be fun to let him invite a friend every once in while. He requested that tonight I teach him to make something with rice, soy sauce, and chicken and I couldn't help but buy this little Apron and hat personalized for a boy because he thought that was one of the coolest parts of his cooking class. I think it will be fun and hope Davis will want to join in so that he can be my helper on Thursdays.

As for those last 10 pregnancy pounds...sigh. Starting over again. The last month I was struggling to survive and so me and my diet got put on the back burner. These 10 pounds have been rough! Ive almost lost them twice only to gain them back.
Time for me to go back off sweets.

We have been saved by a food co ops that we have joined. Here is what we got this week for $15.75:

2 butternut squash
bag of spinach
8 mini yams
6 ears of corn
1 Honeydew Melon
8 apples
1 contain strawberries
3 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
1 pineapple
3 Pomellos
8 bananas

Another example from a couple weeks ago:

1 head of romaine lettuce
1 big spear of broccoli
pack of strawberries
12 pears
7 bananas
12 oranges
6 apples
6 grapefruit
2 cucumbers
3 zucchini
7 red peppers
11 Roma tomatoes

All for $15.75! Its been a heaven sent with our new diet. Plus we have so much produce that we eat things like corn for a snack. So yummy and so good for us! We are also trying all sorts of new things like grapefruit which I don't like and would not have bought but my kids love it! Its making us step out of our comfort zone and try new fruits and veggies!

Life has been rough the last month. Things are starting to calm down a little bit and I'm starting to feel the joy in the little things around us. Our life is bountiful and I like when I have the time to enjoy it!


Abbie said...

I've heard about that food co-op, but I'm afraid I would waste most of it. What a good idea though.

I'm so glad to hear things have settled down a bit and that the boys are doing good.

I was thinking about signing my girlie up for that same free cooking class. She always wants to help me in the kitchen but since I don't do alot of cooking... I thought she would have fun. Good to hear Caleb loved it.

BTW- Did I tell you? You looked so pretty on Sunday!

Wheeler Bunch said...

You inspired me to make hawaiin haystacks for dinner from your last post. Yummy!