Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beckham Update

I had my 28 week apt this week and it was long and unpleasant!
  • First I had to do my blood glucose test. Yuck! I hate that super sugary concentrated orange drink they make you drink. Turns out it was to high. This was the case with Caleb too. I think its because Ive been less active since I have to take it easy and so my body does not regulate my blood sugar as well. I have to go do the long 3 hour test Sunday Morning at 6:00 to see if I really have gestational diabetes or if it was just a false test.
  • Then I got my flu shot
  • Then the Dr insisted on checking me (something about how if you are on Progesterone they have to check you) and the good news is I haven't dilated, the bad news is that my cervix is soft so all of the contractions have made some difference. So in two weeks I get checked again to see if any more progress is made and I have to start having non stress tests to see if I am contracting harder than I think.
  • He also couldn't find the babies head when he was pushing around to see where the baby was and he said he thought that it might be really low and engaging already. When he checked me he said it was really low, not as low as he thought but enough to give some concern.
So, not my best visit to the OB! To give everyone a little perspective...

*This Saturday would be the day that I was admitted to the hospital with Caleb. The Dr said today that we really start to hit the important weeks here because if I'm going to preterm most women have the most problems now.
*To give you another perspective 3 days before Davis was born (which would be in 10 weeks from now if this were his pregnancy) my cervix was hard as rock and I had him 3 days later.
*At this point Becks is about as long as a dollar bill and weights about 2 pounds. His little fingers and toes will be as thin as a piece of uncooked spaghetti. Babies born this week do survive but with serious health issues and usually end up staying in the NICU for 12 weeks. They still have a high risk of brain bleeds at this point which leads to handicaps.
*In 2 weeks at 30 weeks the baby has a much better chance of being able to function normally even though they will be small for a long time and have some respiratory issues.
*Every day that Beckham stays in usually equates to 2 days he would have to spend in the NICU

Where do we go from here...I'm pretty sure that my house will get messier (if that's possible...Caleb told me today that the playroom is HUGE mess!) I will lay around more trying not to go on full bed rest. I'm pretty sure that the plan is to check me in two weeks and if I have progressed further I think they will put me on some sort of drug like nifedipine and I will probably have to go on full bed rest. I plan on being a very good girl so that we don't have to do that!

Please keep Beckham in your prayers, we really don't want to see him for 8-10 more weeks!


Mae said...

Would you like a family-wide fast? I don't fast very well, but I would definitely suffer a day long headache rather than have poor Beckam suffer 12 weeks in the NICU.

Let me know, blog about it, or email me. Or maybe I will just fast for you and him (and your family, because you know when mom's down, everyone's down).

C, D, and S Henderson said...

We will keep you both in our prayers! Let us know if there's anything we can do!

Sara said...

You both will definitely be on our prayers! I have a friend who had their baby at 26 weeks (I think). It was a very rough road. You made it with Caleb, you can make it again!

SoCal Rogers said...

We will pray for you. Please let us know about the fast. I can't, but Brian can!