Thursday, October 9, 2008

7 random facts

I was tagged to post 7 random facts about me that most people don't know...
  1. Most people know this but it is always gets a funny reaction. I did not get into Ricks college (the old JC that is now BYU Idaho) but I did get into BYU, which I did not want to apply to because I was sure I would not get in but my Dad insisted that I apply to at least 2 schools. Good thinking Dad, but seriously who doesn't get into a JC and then gets into a very competitive university.
  2. I was an avid hockey fan growing up
  3. I was missing a baby tooth and a permanent tooth and now have an implant that I got when I was 16. And they removed a tooth from under my cheek bone.
  4. When we moved to St George my credit score was 816 and I'm very proud of this. I got a credit card my Freshman year of college and my Dad told me it had to be paid off at the end of the month. It took me a whole year to find out that it really didn't have to be paid but that they would charge you interest. Luckily though I had been on my "own" long enough to know the wisdom in never carrying a balance.
  5. I cant spread my toes...seriously its like I have no muscles in my toes. John can practically open a jar with feet but I cant move my toes a millimeter.
  6. There are so many things I still want to be when my kids grow up...A district Attorney, a interior designer, landscape architect run a little tea place, run a Bed and Breakfast (this is John and my retirement dream), have a little florist shop....
  7. We are thinking of buying me a really good camera with our tax return so that I can start doing photography out of our house this spring.
  8. BONUS fact: I have only met one other Mormon girl besides myself that HATES the Twilight series. Granted the first book was okay but I thought they would get better and I hated them, the way they made me feel...No I will never read the 4th and no I wont ever see the movies. Please don't hate me for this fact either since I know I'm like the ONLY one in the world besides my friend Mandy.
Oh, I tag (only if you want to) Sarah, Mom, Karey, Dianna, Kate, and Stefanie


Mark and/or Lisa said...

I like that you gave us a bonus fact ;)

jakenapril said...

i knew a few of those facts...but i learned a few more. thanks!

Boons said...

It's fun to learn new things about you!

Sara said...

Ok um, your number one happened to me too! Isn't that funny! And I get the same reaction too. "You didn't get into Ricks but you got into BYU? Riiiight."