Thursday, September 20, 2007

The top picture is of the house at 9:30 this morning...
And then here it is at 6:00 tonight! All interior walls are up and they will roll the trusses tomorrow.
This is the nook and then my favorite part of the house, our corner pantry. Being a big Costco shopper we have NEVER had near enough room and I am so excited for the pantry.
Here are the boys at the front door! This is a fun stage because things are really happening and its changing so fast! Its fun to actually walk the house and see rooms! We love the floor plan and cant wait to see the whole thing all put together.

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Grandma Caroline said...

WOW! You meant it when you said that the polygamists really work! It is so exciting and to think Dad and I will get to see it in a couple of days! Can't wait. Looks great and I am drooling over the pantry!