Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lost his first tooth!

Davis is growing so big so fast! I still think of him as a cute little 5 year old and yet he is going to be 7 in just a few months. This was him posing for John showing him how his muscles were growing as he ate his chicken. Pretty soon he wont believe in us so much and it makes me a little sad...


He lost his very first tooth today and is so excited!

The tooth fairy brought him 2 gold dollars as well as a light saber toothbrush!

The tooth fairy didn't think he was that close to losing his tooth and had to dig deep fast (with maybe a late run to Walmart) to come up with something for him. Note to self: keep spare tooth fairy toothbrushes on hand!

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Abbie said...

That's funny. Davis is one cute boy! I can't believe he's 7 either! And then you get to Braydon's age and he just says "hand over the cash" haha