Thursday, February 28, 2013


We came down to CA so that John could be with Grandpa and Grandma and the boys and I are getting to spend our days at Legoland. The more we go, the more I love it! Plus its been awesome because there have been NO lines!

It finally got warm enough to enjoy the water rides!

And we got wet! When there are no lines you can just ride it over and over. Mom put a stop to twice with Splash Battle.

The boys really love the Fire show! Particularly the gangnam style part.

Beckham ditched when the water started!

We also went and explored the Build and Test Area and I loved it! So great for little minds. You can get wheels when you go in and then you can build whatever kind of car you want with all the Legos they have available. You can test it on a pinewood derby type of track and then change it. You can race and change it as much as you want. It was so fun!


Abbie said...

This makes me want to go back to Legoland. We LOVED it. Sadly, I think they might think they are too "grown up". Braydon just wants to go to Six Flags now, haha.

Michele Devlin said...

Lincoln is just getting into Legos and after all your cute pictures I want to go to Legoland!! Your boys are adorable, of course!