Thursday, November 17, 2011

101 mph

That's what I feel like right now. I cant go fast enough. My poor mind cant go to sleep at night and all week I have stayed up to 2 or 3  in the morning working on things only to sit in bed lying awake. Why are things so busy you ask?
  1. I am a Mom
  2. I am a Mom of boys
  3. I am a Mom of our boys
  4. Super Saturday is coming up
  5. Its Family picture time of year
  6. Over the Big Moon is doing really well but demands a lot of attention right now.
  7. Holidays are coming
So there you have it. I'm still alive and holding on. Sunday will come as sweet relief when Super Saturday will be over.  John has been amazing. As in doing laundry and dishes and cleaning up after the tornado I am. I haven't even asked. In fact Ive asked him not too. He just keeps going. He sure must love me.

I can feel my sleeping aids taking hold of my overtaxed mind and it feels good to feel tired. Now lets just hope I can actually sleep :-)


Abbie said...

Super Saturday was alot of fun! Thanks for all your hard work!

jakenapril said...

amen to that. sometimes it's just hard to turn off my brain at night...but being a mom is an important job, isn't it? you continue to amaze me with all you do. amazing i tell you.