Monday, December 13, 2010


Can I really have a son that is 7?
For some reason 7 seems so much older than 6.
We must be entering a new stage in life.

I cant express how great it was to see Caleb when they came in Friday night! He had no time for me and I got a quick smile and wave. I made the little stinker come sit with me and gave him kisses until he giggled with delight. Its never hard to get Caleb laughing and I love his lighthearted disposition.

The best part about celebrating his birthday in CA is...

Family + Swimming!He was spoiled rotten from all of his family!

He even got his very own camera!

Grandma and Grandpa got him a suit.
It was actually on his wish list this year. I love that he wanted one. My Mom has always stressed looking your best on Sunday and she has given Caleb 2 of his suits in the past. Little boys in suits, nothing cuter in my opinion!

Caleb you are just like sunshine. You light up everything around you, you bring smiles and happiness to everyone. You are fun, smart, positive, upbeat, and make people feel good. You charm us not only with your good looks and cute smile but with your infectious laugh.

Being away from you is torture, I want you to know that. But of all our boys, you are the one that will handle it the best. You are strong and resilient. You remind me of the part of me that I got from Grandma. Nothing makes me happier right now than to see how she will live on in you!

I cant wait for Saturday when I can nuzzle into your neck and make you giggle all over again!
Happy Birthday my BIG boy!


Megan said...

It has been having him come over for the little bit he is able. Happy birthday Caleb!!!

Sarie said...

Aww.... Love you guys.

amandamenghini said...

I CANNOT believe he is seven. Holy cow. It doesn't seem that long ago we were at your house and he was hitting that pinata...what was that? 2nd? 3rd birthday? Crazy! And he is so handsome!

The Henderson Family said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!! We miss you!!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

The ABC books turned out AMAZING! Seriously! I can't believe Caleb is 7! That is INSANE! He seriously is such a great kid! I love all your boys though!

I am missing you and our phone calls while cleaning (haha!) like crazy! I mailed off the oils today and you will have them Friday! Love ya!