Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our baby is 2!

Happy Birthday Davis (actually it was yesterday). Poor guy got his first ear infection for his birthday and that kind of took a lot of his spark away for a few days. I have to say though the Dr asked if this was his first ear infection and I said yes and she asked if he had ever been on antibiotics and I cant think of one time that he has been on them! Pretty impressive to make it to 2 before ever having to take antibiotics!
Davis is such a great and important part of our family. He is always quick to smile and hes so laid back which helps those of us that are a little more OCD. He loves to take naps and lays down smiling and rolls over straight to sleep. When he watches a movie he wants to pull the chair right up to the TV and sit where he is almost touching the screen. He loves to play basketball, play with music (especially his drums), and loves to color. I love that he is cuddly. From day one he loved to cuddle when hes tired or not really feeling good or just wants a few minutes of love. Hes a great swimmer and will jump off the side into the deep end and just sink to the bottom waiting for us to scoop him up. He is finally starting to saying more words even though his eyes are so expressive he doesn't need to say much because we always know what he wants. Here is his current vocab at 2 years old (most of this is still subject to interpretation)
Whats that
gooooo cougars (pronounced co-ga)
one, two, three, four
poo poo
high five
ready, set, go
milk please
bye bye
night night
i dont know
cheese (for the camera)

Last year on his birthday he hated the cake! We literally had to force him to try it...
Hes learned a lot this past year...check him out with his cake now!

And this has been a very long post but really hes so worth it and we love him so much and are so glad that he is a part of our family!


Grandma Caroline said...

There is no doubt about it that he is a woman killer! Watch out ladies! And when he has an opinion, YOU KNOW EXACTLY how he feels. He's so cute and cuddly and all the things Lisa says he is! It will be fun to watch him grow up.

C, D, & S Henderson said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Davis! We can't wait to see you guys!

Mae said...

That video is darling!!!

Shannon said...

He is such a cute, cute little boy!! What is the counter at the top of the blog for?

SLO Rober said...

Happy birthday big D! I'll always remember his broken hearted looks when one of us did something he doesn't like. I saw a little boy in a restaurant last night that looked like D and I couldn't stop staring at him because he was so cute!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Davis! Time flies! Our Caleb didn't like his 1st year birthday cake either!

Sara said...

You got yourselves one cute kid there! Can he date Katie when they get older?

Mark and/or Lisa said...

davis is so adorable! he's saying a lot of words now -- i like how he cheers for byu. i hope you're feeling better.~lis

Boons said...

His hair is getting so light! We loved the video. Can't wait to see everyone soon!

Megan Bartlett said...

Hahaha! Very, very cute! Davis is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!