Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Celebrating Grandpa Henderson

We had a whirlwind of a weekend in CA to attend Grandpa Henderson's celebration of life. It was such a great party! Great food, great company, and most of all great memories of Grandpa!

There was of course a little golf theme! 

I am so grateful for the years we had to build a relationship with Grandpa and get to know him. He had the best sense of humor and was such a hard worker. It has given John a sense of where he came from in his family because in so many ways they are alike.  I am proud of Grandpa and so grateful for Grandma Henderson and the care she gave to him in the last few years of his life. She was patient and even in the face of such a terrible disease she created wonderful days and happy memories.  

While we were down there we also had to resupply Johns stock of surfboards! We got 20 this trip! 

The boys were troopers will all of the driving! 

We may have had to bribe them with a slurpree or two :) 

The best news we just found out that one of the gas stations in Hurricane has been transformed into  a 7-11.  Slurpees all summer  long!

How sweet is this picture too!

I sent the boys to bed and when I went upstairs this is how I found Caleb and Beckham. Love my boys and love how they are starting to really learn to have each others backs!

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Lori H-G said...

Wow you are a blogging queen! Talk about being busy! I love how you celebrated his life! the bag and golf cart were awesome touches!