Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Falling in love with Fall

The kiddos are all at school and I am surrounded by a beautiful mess! I have about 1 week to transform my house and make a whole bunch of cool projects. Its overwhelming, yet this morning I don't feel overwhelmed.

I love that my boys love school and come home flushed with excitements and bursting to tell me about all the things that have happened. Learning is so exciting and I love to see them learning.

I feel a routine taking shape again. Fall is coming, I am ready for cooler temperatures, cozier nights snuggling with John, bike rides, baking, and most of all the holidays and all the excitement, peace, and focus that it brings back to our lives.

Fall brings such anticipation! I should feel overwhelmed about all that is ahead of me in the next few weeks but mostly I just feel excited!

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