Sunday, November 21, 2010


Beckham in willing 22 month old way of helping was putting things in the sink for us. Things like my new cell phone that happened to land in a pan that was soaking and therefore full of water....and then my phone soaked for who knows how long.

Bottom line: No cell phone for the present time!

Updated: Its mostly working now so feel free to use it. The only glitch I'm finding is that when I hit the end key it dials 147* - and that I can live with :)


Mae said...

That is the single most odd electrical malfunction I have ever heard! Hilarious! Ty was (and is) fascinated with putting things in the sink and playing with water, helping "wash" the dishes.

Come to think of it, I loved it as a kid, too. Wonder what happened???

Grandma Caroline said...

I am so glad that when I had kids we didn't have anything electronic to ruin except the TV!