Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hes still got it!

We were over visiting some friends today enjoying some good food and a campfire outside. Before dinner the boys were playing football and jumping on the trampoline and John showed us his moves. So here it is!


We look like we are still at least one week out for the internet. We are waiting for power to be hooked up to the phone equipment and then they said it will take a week or so to program everything.


SLO Rober said...

Brian's really nervous that he won't be connected to the World Wide Web while we are at your house. Poor computer boy!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Very impressive John. Quite the athlete. I wished you guys lived out here cause we would totally play on the same indoor soccer team.

Grandma Caroline said...

Wow, John even impressed me! I can't wait till your connected, I might start blogging again. I love you and you are a good mom too- how lucky can 1 grandma get!

The Queen said...

Niiice! :)