Friday, December 7, 2007


We went to Washington and wanted to post a few of the pictures from our trip. We couldn't believe that it snowed and that we happened to be there on the 2nd rainiest day in Seattles history! Johns sister Karey and her husband Mike were the perfect hosts and took such good care of us! We also got to spend time with his brother Chris and his wife Dianna and their new little baby The weather ruined a few of our plans but all in all we adjusted. We got to visit with Lisa's Aunt and Uncle and our little nephew Kai. Along with one of Johns oldest friends Joe, our adopted Grandma Ruth, our Grandpa Biehl and Aunt Nancy, Marie, and Uncle Dean.

Momma and the boys relaxing. It felt so good to just relax, sleep, and cuddle!

Davis and Aliya having fun banging on the piano.
Caleb and Zachary got along really well and had so much fun playing together. There were mostly getting into mischief but they really loved being with each other.


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