Tuesday, November 13, 2007

McDonalds Babysitting

So today has been a really crazy hectic day and I felt like I spend the whole day on the phone making calls and then having to remake the same calls over again. Trying to coordinate all of the subs here for the end and getting them to work around each other is not easy. Plus we changed Mortgage brokers because our new friend could get us a better deal and so I had to be on the phone a lot there giving him information and then gathering all of the papers he needed. That doesn't even give justice to what today was like! Needless to say by 5:00 the kids were done and just needed to play and Mom needed to not cook dinner (not that I have actually cooked something other than frozen pizza and burritos in weeks-and I'm not exaggerating!) I figured I would just go to McDonald's and let the kids play and I could just sit and not do anything! I felt a little guilty about it since I just wanted a break but figured my sanity was worth it.

Well, If I felt like a bad parent before the play place I walked out feeling like Mother of the year. Seriously there were 4 families in there. One woman was working and not paying attention. The second woman was reading a book and her 5 year old son came up and had a full conversation with her and she never looked up or gave him a courtesy "uh-hu." But the last father took the cake. He actually sat down put on his headphones and played with his i-pod. When it was time for him to go he stood up and started calling for his daughters. Yep, they had left and he had no clue and he had to go looking for them!

I couldn't believe it. I mean McDonald's can be a nice break every once in a while but seriously folks...its not daycare!


Grandma Caroline said...

Your such a good mother! We all need a break once in a while and the kids actually get something out of play time with other kids- even at McDonalds (even if they don't eat)

Mark said...

Thats hilarious. And a good idea for what to do with them when you need a break.

SoCal Rogers said...

CRAZY story. You are a fab MOM.

The Queen said...

We LOVE McDonalds' playground!