Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Top 10 reasons we love St George

As John and I were driving the other day we were talking about how much we love it here. We have been here for almost 6 months and from what we have heard back in AZ its a GOOD thing we moved. But not just to be away from all of that but because this seems to be the place for us. So here goes our list of the Top 10 reasons we love St George!

10. The Red Rock and Palm trees, Even though we are in the desert its green and breathtakingly beautiful here
9. We are close enough to our families and close enough to BYU to go to games. Plus lots of people stop through or go to Vegas and we can see more friends and family
8. The weather of course!
7. Roberts craft store and 40% off every time you go in on one item
6. We can afford a house
5. We are close to so much camping, hiking, lakes, and recreation activities
4. Cafe Rio and Nielson's Frozen Custard
3. So much church history and the first working Temple that is so close to home
2. Its a big enough town to have a mall, Costco, and outlets and yet it has a small town feel
1. It FEELS like home

The amazing thing is that its hard to limit it to just 10 things. Being that St George is one of the fastest growing places in the nation and that Johns in construction I'm very happy to say that this will probably be home for a very long time!


SLO Rober said...

i'M so happy that you guys found a place that you love and feels like home. That's how Brian and I feel about San Luis. We can't imagine living anywhere else. We've established friendships here that are like close family members. Everytime I walk into sacrament meeting and look around at the room full of people, my heart just swells with love and gratitude for living here. Our neighborhood is like neigborhoods that we grew up in-kids running back and forth, the ice cream man, street hocky games, and neighbors who would do anything for you.

Annie said...

I don't know that it really registered to me that you're in St. George. We were just there last weekend for a friend's wedding. It is a great place!

Grandma Caroline said...

I'm so glad you love it there. It a perfect place for your little family and just far enough away that you can't take advantage of me for babysitting!

Sara said...

It's so nice when the place you live in feels like "home." So glad your happy there.

We have friends that moved from AZ because of job layoffs. Unfortunately, they bought their house at the peak and now can't sell it. It's worth about 100K LESS than what they bought it for. They now live up here with family and have been trying to sell it for 18 months, hopefully a short sale. It's so sad. I'm glad you got out and don't have to deal with that!!

Sara said...

Oh, and if we ever find ourselves down that way, we'll have to stop by and say hi! Check out the new house!

SoCal Rogers said...

Brian and I really want to visit. We have been taking online tests about the perfect place to live for us after school is over. The test results were 1. Seattle and 2. El Paso. I thought that the test was rigged!

Campbell Family said...

I also think St. George is an awesome place to be. That means I get to see you more! The St. George temple is my favorite Temple. Not only because that is where we got married but because it is so rich with history and special, intricate details.
love ya!